Announcing March 2019 Events

Hello! Yes, we are still here. We are doing pretty good. We celebrated the Fall Equinox, with Veles as the Deity of the Occasion. We celebrated Winter Solstice/Yule with Odin. And last weekend, we observed Imbolc with Brigid as our Deity of the Occasion.

Looking to the near future: some of us will be attending Paganicon, held in Minneapolis, MN on March 22 – 24, 2019. “Sacred Groves” is the theme, with many druidic events and speakers planned. We will also be helping with the Druids of the Midwest Paganicon Party Suite, with some workshops and meet and greets. I, Gerrie, will be also holding a devotional rite to the Morrigan on Sunday, March 24 at the party suite.

Paganicon website:

Our Spring Equinox will be held March 30. No details as of yet, other than it will be Hellenic. More details to follow!

Our Imbolc 2019 Altar (by Venus Clark)



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